Despite the promotion of Slovenian tourist destinations carried out both at national level, as well as at the level of individual tourist providers, there is still a lack of interconnection between local and all Slovenian thematic products and Services to be represented in foreign markets as a comprehensive innovative integrative tourism product “ITP” with the aim of efficient marketing.

This is precisely why we signed up for the “call for funding for the development and promotion of integral products of the tourism economy”, which is an opportunity for Slovenian tourist destinations to be able to use their capacities and even unused tourism Potentials achieve greater visibility in the framework of a comprehensive, systemic-and thematic-coloured integral tourism product “ITP”. 

1. A new product will include services from different providers, focusing on the understanding of the river and its surroundings as a single green sports and historically attractive tourist destination.

2. It will include elements of originality and oddities and custom made offers for the guest or group.

3. The new ITP, which we designed as “DRAVA SPLASH”, will highlight the tourist potential of EASTERN SLOVENIA with all the senses. Foreign tourists will have the opportunity to experience DRAVA river through thematic programmes-packages


4. We will produce numerous packages along the DRAVA River with thematic, adventure and innovative tourist programs, which we will also present to you and which we also want to complement you in unique and unique tourist programs. 


See you at the DRAVA, soon!

Drava Splash co-financed by: